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Brawlout on Steam. Hard-Hitting Hero From Dead Cells Revealed As New Fighter For Brawlout. Brawlout – 5.99 (70% off, new lowest price. We did a Let's Play of; Brawlout. A super fun new indie Super Smash Bros style game from Angry Mob Games.


Brawlout, Party Fighting Game. A Little Look At Brawlout - The new Brawler on the Block. Impressions. A New Fighter Approaches as Brawlout Receives PS4, Xbox One.






Glad to see some more positive coverage for Brawlout, it really deserves some love for what it's already accomplished. Knockback not recoil... 20 bucks. Wow, that stutter glitch is a deal breaker. What's next a patch that fills up my SD card smh. No Thanks. No game is ever perfect for Micro 't you dare say that. There is a war going on right now, don't encourage the enemy.

Deadcells vs hyperlightdrifer is one of the coolest crossovers in indie gaming.