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Pewds: I am, the spawn of Satan. Me: idk if that counts as a “spook” but eh I got some vodka left.
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In the third mission, Spock just dies on me for some reason. Can't figure it out why. How to get haunt the house: terror township. I've known about this devs since they made the Decline of Video Gaming series on Newgrounds. How to get haunt the house: terror town.

Omg I love it xD those faces <3. How the hell could I not beat this game as a kid. This game was done with so much love 💕. I freaking love haunt the house. Haunt the House: Terrortown. 13:20 in, oh I get it. c'mon lion brain... How to get haunt the house: terror town chicago. Omg I love this game. I used to play it a lot. Haunt the House: Terrortown

I took a drink of hot coco every time he said spook. Haunt the House: Terrortown Developer(s) SFB Games Publisher(s) SFB Games Designer(s) Adam Vian Programmer(s) Tom Vian Artist(s) Adam Vian Writer(s) Adam Vian Tom Vian Composer(s) Raphael Benjamin Meyer Engine Adobe Flash Platform(s) PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Android, iOS Release PlayStation Vita WW: 9 January 2013 Microsoft Windows, OS X WW: 6 June 2014 Android, iOS WW: 30 October 2014 Genre(s) Action, puzzle Mode(s) Single-player Haunt the House: Terrortown is a side-scrolling action puzzle video game developed by SFB Games. The game was released for PlayStation Vita on 9 January 2013, for Microsoft Windows and OS X on 6 June 2014, and for Android and iOS on 30 October 2014. Gameplay [ edit] The game starts in an abandoned town where a ghost lives until people start to move into the town, disturbing it's sleep. It attempts to scare everyone out of the town to rest in peace once again. The player can move the ghost around a building and possess objects to scare people. The more people it scares, the more paranormal powers it will gain. The goal of the game is to scare everyone out of a building; however, if a person is scared too much, they may commit suicide by throwing themselves out of a window. Once a building is completely empty, the player moves on to the next building. After everyone is scared out of town, the ghost is shown to be in a painting of what appears to be its family. By scaring people, the player can raise the room's "atmosphere", which unlocks new actions for possessed objects. Some actions can be used to kill certain characters that can't be scared, and they will become a ghost that travels back to the clock tower home of the ghost. They will also appear in the painting at the tower. Reception [ edit] Reception Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic VITA/iOS: 73/100 [1] [2] Haunt the House: Terrortown received "mixed or average" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic, on which the PlayStation Vita and iOS versions both hold an aggregated review score of 73/100, based on four reviews each. [1] [2] Representatively for Eurogamer, Christian Donlan gave the game a score of 8/10, saying "Emotional cruelty, suicide, haunted euphoniums—there's a surprisingly dark heart beating away inside this cheery little Halloween special. There's a genuine sense of mischief, too, conveyed by the bug-eyed howls of your prey and the looping, lilting tones of the jazz-club soundtrack. " [3] References [ edit] External links [ edit] Official website.

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Hey everyone! SFB Games is comprised of two brothers, Adam and Tom Vian from London. We’ve been making games for many years (mostly for browsers, under the name “The Super Flash Bros. ”) and this is our first opportunity to make a game that can be enjoyed on a real handheld console. When we heard about PlayStation Mobile and thought about PS Vita as a platform, there was only one game we had in mind. The colourful graphics and simple controls of Haunt the House work perfectly in this context — it’s a really natural fit. The original Haunt the House was a browser game we made for Halloween back in 2010, and since then we’ve come a long way as designers. The basic idea of Haunt the House: you float around as a ghost, possessing any objects you see and use them to perform spooky haunting actions to any humans who are nearby! The aim of the game is to scare every single human away from the town, but this game also has an extra objective… The first thing we wanted to design was the town itself, exploring all the best tropes of spooky horror locations. Eventually we settled on a theatre, a hospital, a museum, cruise ship and a clock tower. Then we asked talented artist Catherine Unger to design the backgrounds for the game. She produced detailed digital paintings of each building and developed an amazing colour palette that gives the game a really unique atmosphere. In the end, we produced vector versions of Catherine’s backgrounds for the final game. This was Tom’s first project using C#, and he was surprised by how quick and easy it was to switch over from Flash development. He also enjoyed writing a custom tool for exporting Flash animation for PlayStation Mobile, so we didn’t even have to use any new animation tools. Meanwhile Adam began designing ghosts, people, menus, and hundreds of “possessable” objects to go into the buildings. It was fun thinking up the most interesting objects to go in each room — from chandeliers, telescopes and statues, to tubas, X-ray machines and roulette tables! We aimed for as much variety as possible. We hired the incredibly talented composer Raphael Benjamin Meyer to produce an original soundtrack to the game. The music is made even more special by the presence of real instruments being played by real musicians. Next we asked Kimlinh Tran to act as voice director since we needed a range of voices for both the ghosts and the human characters. She did a great job and we have a wonderful range of vocal talent on board. Thanks to everyone who helped us out! The final game is something we’re all incredibly proud of. It’s simple to learn, but offers endless possibilities to play around and discover new things and new situations. We don’t think we’ll ever get bored of it. The game will be available to download today through the PlayStation Mobile service. Need more information on PlayStation Mobile? Want to know more about supported tablets and phones? Head here.

Lets find the last guy Oh its this girl -Pewds 2016. Wow this is a really well done game! it reminds me of Ghost Trick on the DS or more so Haunting on the Sega Genesis. How to get haunt the house: terror town free. OMG I LOVE TO PLAY THIS GAME ITS SO FUN. How to get haunt the house: terror town hall. How to get haunt the house: terror town game. How to get haunt the house: terror towns. How did I get in Bill Gates' head! lmao. How to get haunt the house: terror town 2. WOaH- Ive gone back in time. Leave the dusty halls of an abandoned clock tower to haunt your way through a town in the dead of night! Possess objects with your ghostly soul, to scare people away from a museum, a hospital, a theatre and a cruise ship. Will you be able to scare everyone out and reclaim what has been lost, before the night is over? A side-scrolling action puzzle game starring ghosts! “Emotional cruelty, suicide, haunted euphoniums - there's a surprisingly dark heart beating away inside this cheery little Halloween special. There's a genuine sense of mischief, too, conveyed by the bug-eyed howls of your prey and the looping, lilting tones of the jazz-club soundtrack. " – Eurogamer “The visuals are gorgeous, with a unique style which is both cute and creepy at the same time. The audio is also impressive, boasting effective spot effects and some genuinely amusing sounds. " – Pocket Gamer “Honestly I fell in love with the concept behind Haunt the House the moment I heard about it. " – PSNStores.