The creator of Graffiti 3D made it possible for you to set different colors for each eye as you paint in three dimensions. Have you ever felt tricked by virtual reality in an unexpected way? What sort of brain hacks would you like to see in future demos. 4 Ways to Hack Your Brain with VR. 10 Bets Virtual Reality Apps for Samsung Gear VR, Hacks and.

Razer announces OSVR Hacker Dev Kit with 3D printable virtual reality headset. What if you could build it yourself and hack it to your liking? This is the problem that gaming brand Razer has. With great pride we introduce the first Virtual Reality race helmet system; HelmetVR. H elmetVR is a unique Virtual Reality (VR) hardware product aimed at professional race driver training, sim-room experiences and sim racing enthusiasts. It accommodates all types of motor sport from Karting, Touringcar, Formula racing right up to F1.

Download Tsundere Simulator 2 1.9 APK.