Hi, Looking for games from my [Steam wishlist. PayPal or Amazon CG. Feel free to make a counter offer especially for games from older bundles. amp#x200B; IGS Rep Page] igs_rep_page. amp#x200B; Have these games amp#x200B; Steam gifts * Fly'N * Legend of Dungeon * Mount amp Blade: With Fire amp Sword * Sword of the Stars: The Pit * Teslagrad * The Bri. This is different from my usual posts and a little experimental. I'm hypothetically willing to sell stuff, but this post is about buying/trading. I'm probably only going to post a buy/trade post once in a great while if I even do it again at all. First, I'm willing to buy manga/anime for 1.25 each. In the case of rare or new manga, I might be willing to pay slightly more. In the case of ex-library or damaged manga, I'm only willing to pay 1. These prices are very low, but I can buy a lot.