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Havent heard much about this game but saw it on the Christmas eshop sale for 22.49 and that it was published by Atlus. What are peoples thoughts on the game and is it worth picking up. Published: 01/20/2020. I'm a very big fan of the persona games and their overall style but I don't know much about this game but the psn store recommends it because I played persona 5. Does it feel and play like that? Does it set itself apart from other games in the genre? I would just like to know if anyone recommends it or if there is something better in the same genre of games that I should checkout.

Official website. [Review - JRPG] The Caligula Effect: Overdose. Wow isnt it grand when you discover a JRPG you just learned about (maybe read/heard of before but wasnt interested because it wasnt on consoles you play on) and its releasing for your preferred platform like right around the corner! a 2 weeks wait sure beats a 2+ years wait! xD nisam. Hello everyone. I've managed to play around 10 hours to this game on Nintendo Switch and I just wanna talk about it a bit in case anyone is on the fence. The game starts really fast and introduces you to the world and the kind of people who leave there. After a somewhat medium-longish introduction (around 10-15 minutes) the game and everything starts rolling. To me it was very very engaging. The combat is awesome. I've heard a lot of reviewers and users say it is bad and easy and that one com.

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