Vegas Pool Sharks hack generator author RESETgame



He is shark? ahahah He isnt even a gold fish. Wow he is good and fast plus now how to control the cue ball. Your good. Is no one gonna think of the fact the second ball u sunk was the 8 ball so he did lose. Doesn't even use chalk. Download. Hes bad. Progress. I swear by some of the negative comments on here if this were a singing dog a lot of you would be saying He's not bad but I can sing better. How Much Foot Is This Table. @dedmo8 no one cares. Whats his name. LOL random shut up.

Kid is a natural. You can tell by the amount of draw he gets and the control of the cue ball. Look out guys. You arent suppose to pot the black ball. He lost he hit the 8 ball in on the second shot. Its free now.